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Celar Chiropractic Insurance Information

Celar Chiropractic doctors are in-network providers with a number of health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Cigna PPO and Medicare. With any insurance, our office will call to confirm your benefits and limitations and inform you on your insurance coverage. We want you to know exactly what out-of-pocket costs you will be responsible for. Since all insurance plans have limitations on coverage, we will notify you when your maximum benefits have been reached.

Please do not let your insurance coverage (or lack of insurance) dictate the treatment you need to correct and maintain your health. If finances are an obstacle, please discuss this with us. We offer payment plans to fit almost any budget.

Celar Chiropractic also accepts Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation claims. Please bring in your claim number and address of where the claims should be sent on your initial office visit. In the case of a personal injury claim, such as a car accident, it is our office policy to use the medical pay benefits on your auto insurance, even if you believe the accident is not your fault. You will also be asked to sign a lien to guarantee payment to our clinic.

In case of an automobile accident:

  1. Make a police report. It is important to protect your rights and aid the insurance company.
  2. Get medical help. This is very important to you health and helps document your injury. You have the right to choose your own physicians.
  3. Contact your insurance company. Open a claim. Your insurance has the right to get a statement of facts from you. Most auto insurance policies will pay your medical bills up to your policy limits, regardless of fault.
  4. Paying your medical bills. Your own auto insurance company usually will pay your medical bills, up to the limits of medical pay coverage, regardless of who is at fault. Again, the party at fault is responsible for your medical bills and pain and suffering at the time of settlement. If the person who hits you does not have insurance, your own auto insurance will pay for the pain and suffering if there is uninsured motorist coverage. You can also use your personal health insurance if there is no auto insurance that will cover.
  5. Fixing your car. If you have collision coverage, if is quicker to go through your own insurance, regardless of fault. However, you will have to pay for the deductible.
  6. Should you hire an attorney? The law does not require you to have an attorney. If you decide to get an attorney, it is recommended that you get one that specializes in personal injury claims. Normally, you do not have to pay any attorney’s fees unless they settle the claim.
  7. What settlement can you expect? Your settlement with the insurance company should include payment for pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, all medical bills, and any other loses you have suffered from the accident. The amount of pain and suffering is unique with each case and usually will be the largest portion of your claim.

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