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ChiroThin Weight Loss Program in Hillside

Celar Chiropractic is a certified ChiroThin clinic that offers the dietary supplement and 6 week weight loss program. The program is doctor supervised, and we monitor the progress of each ChiroThin patient so you can achieve your weight loss goals. We have seen AMAZING results with ChiroThin! Patients typically lose 15-30 pounds in 42 days! If you are serious about losing weight, you have got to try it!

Dr. Dana offers FREE Consultations to answer your ChiroThin questions and help you get started. Simply call us at 708-449-5900 to set it up!

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What is ChiroThin?

The ChiroThin program is a 6 week, doctor-supervised weight loss program that combines the all natural ChiroThin dietary supplement with a healthy, low calorie, low carb diet to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Most of our patients lose between 15-35 pounds and 4-6 inches off their waist and hips in just 42 days. Our program also includes maintenance visits that occur 2 and 4 weeks after the 6 week losing phase is over to make sure you keep the weight off.

Why Should You Choose ChiroThin?

  • mk chirothinThere are no pre-packaged foods or shakes! You choose the meals and “real” foods you eat based on the ChiroThin guidelines.
  • There are no drugs or injections! The ChiroThin supplement is all natural combination of amino acids and vitamin B12.
  • There is no exercise required!
  • The entire 6 week program is doctor supervised! It includes weekly weigh-ins, 8-point body measurements, blood pressure and BMI calculations and the ability to have the doctor answer any questions and provide support through your 42 day journey to a healthier you!
  • You can use your HSA/FSA accounts to pay for the program!
  • Losing weight and lowering your BMI score has been proven to improve your health, including lowering your blood pressure and blood sugar, thereby helping you to stay off medications and their potential side effects.

What Foods Does the ChiroThin Diet Consist of?

The ChiroThin diet consists of eating between 24 and 36 ounces of nutrient-dense, low sugar and anti-inflammatory foods per day. The ChiroThin diet is based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory diet and includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates so it is not a “protein only” diet. The complex carbohydrates help prevent excessive ketosis, diureis, electrolyte loss, hyperuricemia, re-feeding edema and may improve muscular endurance.

How Does the ChiroThin Dietary Supplement Work?

The nutritional support formula consists of drops that are taken orally each day. The drops are specifically designed to suppress hunger and cravings for food, stabilize blood sugar, aid in fatty acid metabolism and provide a mild detoxification of the body. Patients often tell us that they have less hunger cravings and generally feel better overall compared to other diets that they have tried. The drops are manufactured in the United States by ChiroNutraceuticals and distributed exclusively to doctor’s offices. You will not find this proprietary formula being sold online or by other companies. The ingredients are derived in the United States and the manufacturing plants are FDA certified.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact us to set up your no obligation, free consultation regarding ChiroThin. You can get started this week!  The doctor will also review your past medical history to see if their are any contraindications to participation. Once you begin, we are with you every step of the way to help you be successful!



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